With over 70 years of experience

Transport Kinnunen is a family-owned company running in the third generation.

Company is founded in 1949 and based in Oulu, Capital of Northern Scandinavia.
Kinnunen operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Middle-Europe. Transport Kinnunen is part of network whose competence, skills, seamless cooperation and unified practices ensure high productivity and a competitive edge for customers.

Quality, reliability, determined and customer-oriented service have always been company´s guiding principles. These principles combined with reliable fleet and professional staff have ensured the business´s success, continuity and profitability.
The company´s social responsibility, safety standards and ethical operations are reflected in its HR policy, and long-term cooperation in various networks.


Eino Kinnunen founded the company.

Timber and special cargoes at the beginning.


began deliveries to Norway and Sweden.

Transports to Middle Europe were started.


Eino´s son Sakari Kinnunen took over of the company.

Transports to Russia were began.


Corporate form was changed to Ltd.


Sakari´s daughter Hanna Kinnunen became an owner.


Transport Kinnunen Oy started as an sales and marketing company.


First HCT (high capacity truck) was bought


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