- Since 1949 -

- Since 1949 -


Transport Kinnunen is a family-owned company running in the third generation. Company is founded in 1949 and based in Oulu, Capital of Northern Scandinavia.

Kinnunen operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Central Europe. Transport Kinnunen is part of network whose competence, skills, seamless cooperation and unified practices ensure high productivity and a competitive edge for customers.

Flexibility and personal service ensure high customer satisfaction.


All over nordic countries

General cargo

We provide reliable transport services with semi-trailers, B-links or with HCT-truck combinations to everywhere in Finland and Nordic Countries. We also offer curtain and lowbed trailers for your special needs.

Please choose our special cargos for extra high, wide or/and long deliveries.


We have strong experience in special transportation. Our trucks are suitable to deliver for example elements, vessels, cranes, buildings and pipes.

Our professional drivers and modern vehicles ensures your cargo to be delivered safely and cost efficiently. We also provide necessary permits and warning cars for all special deliveries.

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Sivustomme käyttää evästeitä. “Hyväksyn evästeet” -nappia painamalla hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Evästeet tekevät sivustomme käyttämisestä helppoa, nopeaa ja käyttäjäystävällistä.

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